Day 16 & 17: Free Coffee, Daylight Savings and Old Couches

I guess my weekend trend has been missing the Saturday post, and that is ok. I amcoffee and the pooch celebrating that I chose to lay in bed last night, reading and finishing up an assigned book for my coaching class (only four more books to go!). I chose sleep over writing, and that is a good thing.  So, my weekend wins and celebrations are lumped together here, because they also fit nicely together.

Yesterday I spent the morning in pjs, lounging on my old beat-up couch, reading and relaxing. This couch is literally on its last thread, with a ripped back cushion that is centimeters away from dislocation, and ass-grooved pillows that sink inward, forming a deep valley in middle. For months I kept fantasizing about getting  a new couch, which is definitely not in the current budget. And yes, I find myself saying that a lot lately, and that too is ok. But yesterday I truly appreciated this marvelous over-loved couch. It was the first piece of furniture I purchased after my divorce, and has served many happy years since.

As I sprawled out and cuddled with the pooch, I began to feel a deep appreciation of all that I had. Yes, I have been struggling with money and stress and weight gain and depression, but here I was, in this beautiful house with comfortable furniture that wears as many battle scars as I do. I finally felt true gratitude for all that I had in this moment.

Today, I made the decision to get out of bed early, when I could have easily slept another hour. I did this for the mere reason to claim my free cup of daylight savings coffee and Caribou. It seems a little ridiculous on one hand, but last night when I realized I was out of cream, the magical free-coffee text came through, with the angelic chorus “ahhhhhhhhh!” All I had to do was show up at the drive thru by 9 am, which was technically 8 am with the time change. You can appreciate why this was indeed a Sunday morning triumph.

As I was reclined on my well-loved couch, with my pooch snoozing on her perch, I noticed the writing on the cup. I don’t usually pay attention to these cute notes as there is normally a sleeve covering them, but today they ran out and the words of wisdom remained exposed. And there is was…”Life is getting up an hour early to live an hour more.” I stared at my kismet cup of coffee, smiled, and made the decision that this would be my last cup for a week or so. My body told me it could use a little break from the caffeine and cream, and take a little time to reset.

I’m not going hard core and saying I’m giving up coffee forever, because I know how that story ends, but just for a little bit; a respite. I enjoyed my last sips, finishing yet another book for my class and knew that this was going to be a good day.

With love,



Day 4: Yoga, Back Spasms and Skipping School

While today was another celebration of self-care, it happened in opposing ways. It started off with dragging my ass to yoga after my 3-hour class this morning. I really didn’t want to go, and would have much rather gone home to eat lunch and possibly take a nap.

I went anyway.

And this time, instead of judging myself in the mirror, I found a spot with a beautiful view of the mountains and nowhere near a place where my reflection would distract me.

After class I was able to go home and eat, and eventually rest for a bit. I was glad I gave myself the opportunity to move my body and then the reward of some relaxation time.

Later that evening my back began to spasm a bit, an issue I’ve been dealing with for the last week. I made the decision to care for myself again and skipped my evening class. At first I felt the twinge of guilt seep in, but was able to recognize that sitting in a class for 3 hours was not going to help the situation.

Staying home and resting my back allowed for a pleasant evening. Instead of cramming food in my mouth, while frantically trying to get out the door, and feed the girls some semblance of a balanced meal, we sat down and savored our food. I also enjoyed time reading, albeit it was catching up on homework, while my daughters worked on theirs.  Again, I was able to slow down and skip the chaos of leaving a 10 and 13 year-old home to fend for them selves- eat, do homework, wash up and be in bed by the time I return. Ha!

As I sit in bed writing this, still heating my back, I appreciate not having to continue chaos until late into the night. I still may be up for awhile as my teen finishes her math, but at least I know that I took the best care I could of my body today…and that is a win worth celebrating.

With Love,