Day 18: Ex-In-Laws, Black Tea, and Art Class

Today I am celebrating choosing integrity and self-nurturing as a start to my week. I survived my first coffee-free day without hurting anyone. The caffeine substitute of  black tea and almond milk wasn’t half bad, and no major headaches. My stomach seemed to appreciate shift as well.

The next aspect was helping out a former employer with her art class. She needed a last minute substitite, and although my Mondays are pretty jam-packed, I went in for an hour to help out. This experience was a superb reminder that I am on the right path heading to grad school. I instantly felt my energy drain as soon as the class started and loud, out of control students instantaneously went off task. I glanced at my 10-year-old, who had to accompany me, and she looked just as overwhelmed as I was. It was the perfect moment of, yep, this is NOT where I want to be anymore.

Lastly, I am celebrating reaching out to my ex-in-laws. We generally get a long, but communication is fairly limited to dealings with their grandchildren, and is usually through my ex-husband. The reason for the call was to let them know that my daughter’s volleyball tournament would be in their neck of the woods this weekend. It may seem like a small gesture, but I’m sure it was appreciated.

Not too bad for a Monday.

With love,



Day 16 & 17: Free Coffee, Daylight Savings and Old Couches

I guess my weekend trend has been missing the Saturday post, and that is ok. I amcoffee and the pooch celebrating that I chose to lay in bed last night, reading and finishing up an assigned book for my coaching class (only four more books to go!). I chose sleep over writing, and that is a good thing.  So, my weekend wins and celebrations are lumped together here, because they also fit nicely together.

Yesterday I spent the morning in pjs, lounging on my old beat-up couch, reading and relaxing. This couch is literally on its last thread, with a ripped back cushion that is centimeters away from dislocation, and ass-grooved pillows that sink inward, forming a deep valley in middle. For months I kept fantasizing about getting  a new couch, which is definitely not in the current budget. And yes, I find myself saying that a lot lately, and that too is ok. But yesterday I truly appreciated this marvelous over-loved couch. It was the first piece of furniture I purchased after my divorce, and has served many happy years since.

As I sprawled out and cuddled with the pooch, I began to feel a deep appreciation of all that I had. Yes, I have been struggling with money and stress and weight gain and depression, but here I was, in this beautiful house with comfortable furniture that wears as many battle scars as I do. I finally felt true gratitude for all that I had in this moment.

Today, I made the decision to get out of bed early, when I could have easily slept another hour. I did this for the mere reason to claim my free cup of daylight savings coffee and Caribou. It seems a little ridiculous on one hand, but last night when I realized I was out of cream, the magical free-coffee text came through, with the angelic chorus “ahhhhhhhhh!” All I had to do was show up at the drive thru by 9 am, which was technically 8 am with the time change. You can appreciate why this was indeed a Sunday morning triumph.

As I was reclined on my well-loved couch, with my pooch snoozing on her perch, I noticed the writing on the cup. I don’t usually pay attention to these cute notes as there is normally a sleeve covering them, but today they ran out and the words of wisdom remained exposed. And there is was…”Life is getting up an hour early to live an hour more.” I stared at my kismet cup of coffee, smiled, and made the decision that this would be my last cup for a week or so. My body told me it could use a little break from the caffeine and cream, and take a little time to reset.

I’m not going hard core and saying I’m giving up coffee forever, because I know how that story ends, but just for a little bit; a respite. I enjoyed my last sips, finishing yet another book for my class and knew that this was going to be a good day.

With love,


Day 8: Saving Waking Beauty, Spilled Coffee, and Domain Transfers

Today was a little bit of a rough day emotionally and I was thinking that my biggest celebration was most likely going to be dumping half a cup of coffee out that I really wanted, but knew it would make my stomach hurt and possibly make my cramps worse. Ok, so although this is a smaller scale win, the purpose of this “adventure” is to celebrate all things big and small. And quite frankly, considering my menacing coffee addition, that was pretty painful for me. You know the saying “don’t cry over spilled milk?” Let’s just say that I have cried plenty over spilled coffee (especially when it’s in my car).
The other win that I feel super proud of is taking on the tech world and winning. Html scares me, as does most of the world of websites, domains, name servers and so many other terms I wish I could pay someone to deal with. But right now, it’s just not in the budget. I’ve had to learn on my own, and wow has it been a HUGE learning curve!
Anyway, I managed  screwed up this very blog by transferring the domain to host that contains my business sites.  All I was trying to do was streamline and keep all of my domains in one place. However, what I was completely naive to was the fact that transferring the data was a whole other animal, and very quickly realized that I could no longer pull up the website.
Normally this wouldn’t have been such a big deal, but I truly wanted to continue my commitment to blog every win for these three weeks, and the hosting company said it would cost $150 to fix (definitely not in the budget). A long drawn-out techie battle ensued over several hours, causing much frustration and angst. However, after several online chats and a few sleuthing moves, I was able to resurrect my little baby and it didn’t cost a dime! I figured it out on my own. For me, this is a huge win and accomplishment. Even if no one is reading this, I made a 21 day commitment and I’ll be damned if it something like transferring a domain is what derails me!
With love,
P.S. I’m also celebrating getting this written now and not as I’m dozing off to sleep!