About Me

This blog is the story of my adult life, as told through my relationships with men, women, family and all the other experiences along the way that have brought me to where I am today.  I have moved across the country (a few times), lived abroad, traveled to far off places, been through marriage, divorce, infidelity, I have given birth- twice, suffered through depression, started smoking, quit smoking, lived through single mom-hood (and currently doing so), met fascinating people, lost old friends, gained new ones, been betrayed, experienced a soul-mate or two, dated online, been in love, fallen out of love, acted out, gained weight, lost weight, gained it again, lost it again, started my own business, had epiphanies, breakdowns, and breakthroughs, and still have the space to look at it all with a certain level of amusement.  All of these moments and experiences, plus more, have all been beautiful in their own rite in shaping who I am today.

We are all on our own path, but there are many parts of my story that you may find some commonality.  A lot of these stories are out of sequence, but will hopefully be enjoyed in all their wackiness, regardless.  In case you missed my first blog, part of the purpose of telling these stories is for my own cathartic release, but the other part is my hope that there is someone out there reading this who can laugh and cry along with me, because they have done some of the same stupid shit that I have, and can sigh a breath of relief knowing she is not alone.


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