Day 13: Sunsets, Art and Perfectionism

I was trying to decide what to celebrate tonight, and at first could only think of the beautiful sunset tonight. It was a very typical Colorado spring sunset, filled with vast colors and clouds, ranging from fluffy white to dark and heavy, with the potential for rain. Just witnessing this symphony of colors put me into a serene mood. All of my issues seem completely minuscule compared to the vast sky.

As I sit here in bed, I also realize that I wanted to celebrate myself as an artist. I have been harshly critical for far too many years. Critical of my lack of skill, my lack of creativity, and even my lack of making space to attempt to create.

I am now halfway through my semester of three studio classes and am rediscovering my passion for art, not only as therapy but for creative expression. I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone, created beautiful pieces that I love, and not so beautiful ones that I enjoy as well.  Most importantly I have been able to let go of the need for perfection.

One of my biggest challenges of painting and drawing is knowing when to quit. I have a tendency to overwork my pieces because something doesn’t seem quite finished. I have truly embraced the ability to walk away and be pleased with imperfection. Although I have plenty to learn and always room for growth, I am pleased with where I am in the moment.

Perhaps this is why the fiery sunset skies appeal to me so much. There is chaos and simplicity wrapped up in the awe of its beauty. Maybe if I can learn to breath into my art as I do when gazing into the sky, I can truly be free and just be content in the moment.


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