Day 4: Yoga, Back Spasms and Skipping School

While today was another celebration of self-care, it happened in opposing ways. It started off with dragging my ass to yoga after my 3-hour class this morning. I really didn’t want to go, and would have much rather gone home to eat lunch and possibly take a nap.

I went anyway.

And this time, instead of judging myself in the mirror, I found a spot with a beautiful view of the mountains and nowhere near a place where my reflection would distract me.

After class I was able to go home and eat, and eventually rest for a bit. I was glad I gave myself the opportunity to move my body and then the reward of some relaxation time.

Later that evening my back began to spasm a bit, an issue I’ve been dealing with for the last week. I made the decision to care for myself again and skipped my evening class. At first I felt the twinge of guilt seep in, but was able to recognize that sitting in a class for 3 hours was not going to help the situation.

Staying home and resting my back allowed for a pleasant evening. Instead of cramming food in my mouth, while frantically trying to get out the door, and feed the girls some semblance of a balanced meal, we sat down and savored our food. I also enjoyed time reading, albeit it was catching up on homework, while my daughters worked on theirs.  Again, I was able to slow down and skip the chaos of leaving a 10 and 13 year-old home to fend for them selves- eat, do homework, wash up and be in bed by the time I return. Ha!

As I sit in bed writing this, still heating my back, I appreciate not having to continue chaos until late into the night. I still may be up for awhile as my teen finishes her math, but at least I know that I took the best care I could of my body today…and that is a win worth celebrating.

With Love,



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